Hi, I'm Lauren - the potter & one woman show behind Norae Ceramics. 

"Norae" (노래) translates to "song" in Korean. Over the years, spending time in the studio and immersing myself in the process of creating became my source of

meditation and therapy - it was a space where I could quiet my mind and be fully present. Throughout this process, I found a sense of peace and contentment as the clay danced between my fingertips to what I like to call the song of my spirit.

I started my ceramics journey in the summer of 2014 as a way to fulfill my undergraduate art credit, and here we are now. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to spend my days covered in clay & to create pieces for you to enjoy; I couldn't do this without you.

My work is always evolving with the seasons I go through and what inspires me at the moment. One thing I hold constant is my hope to bring a little more love to your day & to your life through my work.

Thank you for being here ♡ 

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